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Nanning-Guangzhou Railway Guangxi section opens for traffic in 2013

25/05/2013 09:49:00

NANNING-Guangzhou railway's Guangxi section has completed track laying and is expected to be open for traffic in November this year, Xinhua reports.
The railway, capable of handling double stacked unit trains, is said to become the most convenient traffic means of connecting Guangxi and Guangdong. After completion, it will cut Nanning-Guangzhou transits from 11 to three hours.
The line runs from Nanning through Guigang, Wuzhou, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Foshan  to Guangzhou Southern Railway Station, covering 577.1 kilometres with 349.8 kilometres running through Guangxi and 227.3 kilometres go through Guangdong. Design speed is 200 kilometres per hour and can be upgraded.
The railway started construction in November 2008 and started track laying in May 2012. 
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