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Totally Made in Vietnam mega crane handed over to Port of Da Nang

02/07/2013 11:30:00

July 1st 2013, Doosan Vina marked another important milestone in the localization of the company when the first completely designed, engineered, manufactured and commissioned 145 tons Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTGC) was handed over to the Port of Danang on June 28th. 

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Nguyen Thu, Danang Port Director said "The 100% 'Made in Vietnam' RTGC will increase our productivity because the loading and unloading of cargo container ships will be much faster and enable us to hit our targets."  Thu went on to say that “This additional RTGC will help Danang port raise its container handling capacity making it more attractive as an import/export center in Vietnam.”
This RTGC weighed 145 tons was 27M high, 25M long and 11M wide and designed to move the 40 ton containers typical in global logistics today.
Nguyen Thu, also said “Vietnamese people should use Vietnamese goods and this is an example of putting that philosophy into action."
Hang Ha Ryu, CEO and General Director speaking at the handover said, "As the third largest port in Vietnam this is an important day for us because as Vietnam moves forward economically the need for increased domestic cargo capacity will be certain and as a Vietnamese company with nearly 2,500 hard working Vietnamese employed in our Quang Ngai manufacturing complex we can say without hesitation that we can and will meet that demand!" 
This totally made in Vietnam crane joins 55 others that were designed and engineered in Korea and manufactured in Vietnam and now operating at ports worldwide.   
As one of the official Key Mechanical Products of Vietnam this massive crane made by Doosan Vina is an example of how putting the nation’s policy decisions into action helps the development of Vietnam's domestic heavy industrial sector.  
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