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FedEx to open Asia-Pacific outsourcing centre in Wuhan metropolis

10/12/2012 10:10:00

FEDEX Express is going to set up an Asia Pacific service outsourcing centre in Wuhan, according to Xinhua's report, quoting a source from the ninth China International Logistics Week.


FedEx studied a number of Chinese cities in 2005 and found out Wuhan has the most advantages in geographical location and personnel with many universities in the city, said FedEx China vice president Eddy Chan. Since FedEx opens the first office in Wuhan, the number of staff of the branch has increased from over 200 to more than 900, he added.
The Wuhan branch used to serve only the domestic market, but it will now be expanded to become FedEx's Asia Pacific service outsourcing centre. FedEx will also set up a nation-wide customer service centre in Wuhan, where all the profiles of its staff in China were kept and where financial reports from all branches across China were summarised.
Wuhan has the most university students, which is 1.2 million, among all cities in China, even in the world, and that this has provided a sufficient source of talents for the logistics industry, said Wuhan's vice mayor Liu Liyong. 
He also noted that, being in the centre of China, Wuhan is poised to be a hub with well developed in traffic infrastructures. He divulged that the city will also introduce a number of land-use regulations in the futures to offer preferences for the logistics industry.
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