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Headway's Focus Sectors

-  We are one of the leading Perishable transporters in the local market.
-  More than one hundred seafood exporters choose Headway Logistics as their reliable Logistic spartner.
-  Our lifting accounts for around 3% of the total seafood export volume of Vietnam.
-  Main products: Pangasius, Shrimp, Tuna, Shell, Octopus and Squid, Sepia, Fruit and Vegetable.

Company Reefer Lifting

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-  Proven to be a trustworthy and high-lifting customer of key carriers, we have our buying power for competitive contract rates that help us maintaining our position in this low freight sector.
-  Our main products: rice, coffee, starch and tapioca, cashew nuts, pepper …

Headway Agriculture Lifting


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-  We are now handling a big part of Yarn exporting from Vietnam.
-  Main  market is Turkey with total volume around 500 teus per year. Other markets are Srilanka, India, China, Thailand, Colombia and USA...


OTHER SECTORS we are now expanding our activities to some potential kinds of commodities such as fertilizer, furniture & handicraft, plastics, garment, steel, furniture, handicraft, automobiles,...