27/07/2022 15:37

Headway JSC expands trucking capacity in southern part of Viet Nam.

Headway JSC, one of top perishable logistics providers in Viet Nam, just adds five trucks into their trucking fleet to expand its trucking capacity in southern part of Viet Nam. These units will be equiped with genset to serve frozen seafoods for Mekong Delta area in Viet Nam and cambodian fruits in transit via Hochiminh port. 

19/04/2022 11:01

Headway JSC joined force with CMA CGM to evacuate 200 containers of Bananas for their VIP clients.

Headway JSC and CMA CGM evacuated sucessfully 200 reefer containers of bananas for their clients. All of units were loaded smoothly on vessel named Derby-D at Cai Mep International Terminal in Vung Tau province.

16/09/2021 09:46

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms là các quy tắc được công nhận rộng rãi. Incoterms hướng dẫn người mua và người bán khi lập và hoàn thành hợp đồng vận chuyển hàng hóa. Một nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng về Incoterms 2020 sẽ tạo ra điều kiện thuận lợi hơn cho các điều khoản thương mại. Incoterms 2020 cho phép nhà sản xuất và người mua mở ra ...

01/08/2021 11:23

Headway JSC assists its customers to deal with congested Cat Lai Port from Aug 01,2021.

Cat Lai port announced high congestion due to covid-19 outbreak. Port management advised that vessels will take longer time to get berth and discharge their inbound shipments.

10/07/2021 17:42

Headway JSC accomplised a mission to carry 250 reefer boxes on Vsl BF Perch- 0IV89N1NC.

Headway JSC just accomplised a mission to carry 250 reefer containers on Vessel BF Perch 0IV89N1NC on Jul 10th, 2021. Headway JSC is in partnership with CMA-CGM to design vessel call to Chu Lai port to receive 191 reefer boxes and another call to TCMT port to load another 49 reefer containers.

30/06/2021 15:39

Headway JSC reviewed service quality and capability of Tan Cang Mien Trung in Qui Nhon after 6 months of operation.

Headway JSC just reviewed service quality and capability of Tan Cang Mien Trung Port (TCMT), an affiliate of Sai Gon New Port Group, after 6 month of operation in Qui Nhon. Headway JSC confirmed TCMT delivering high standard service to local customers and strong capability to handle all operations of vessels in and out TCMT port. 

28/06/2021 09:47

Headway JSC delivers another 26 cars to its client on time despite covid-19 outbreak in Hochiminh City.

With sharp increase of infected cases in Hochiminh City, City Government imposes serious measures to prevent and control covid-19 in the city such as social distancing and work from home. Consequently, Hochiminh port is getting congested due to manpower shortage.

10/06/2021 16:12

Headway JSC’s team joined force with NYK RoRo’s team to carry out cars survey at SPTC, Hochiminh.

NYK RoRo’s team joined force with Headway JSC’s staff to carry out routin car check and survey despite of outbreak Covid-19 in Hochiminh City area.

27/04/2021 13:14

A newly appointed General Manager of CMA CGM Viet Nam paid a visit to Chu Lai office of Headway JSC.

Mrs. Adeline, a newly-appointed General Manager of CMA-CGM Viet Nam, had paid an offical visit to Chu Lai office of Headway JSC on Apr 27th, 2021. She was supprised with strong development on local market and valued mutual partnership with Headway JSC who is contributing loading factor up to 95% on CMA-CGM’s vessels.

23/04/2021 15:18

Headway JSC and CMA CGM Viet Nam held a friendship football match.

Among other activities, Headway JSC and CMA-CGM Viet Nam held a friendship football match on April 23rd, 2021 at Sala Footbal Stadium. This was a great way for both party to release all burden at work but to regain full energy with new fresh air on the football field.