09/01/2012 11:26

New York-New Jersey Imports Rise 5.2 Percent

Container imports through the Port of New York and New Jersey in November grew 5.2 percent year-over-year, offsetting a slim dip in exports to bring total traffic up 2.5 percent.

05/01/2012 11:31

Growing US-Iran Tensions Threaten Global Shipping

A freight transportation analyst is warning escalating tensions between Iran and the United States over the Strait of Hormuz could undermine global supply chains in the near term and shipping development in the Middle East in the long term.

03/01/2012 14:10

EU, U.S. forged trade agreement for organics

The U.S. and the EU, the world’s largest markets for organics, have signed an agreement to boost the trade of organic goods while protecting product integrity. Starting June 1, products certified as organic in either region can be sold in both the EU and U.S. under that label.